Welcome to the Next Generation of Rapid Fire Mods - The Wolf

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Welcome to Wolf! The high end rapid fire mod designed for original Microsoft and Sony Controllers, packed with tons of unique high tech features. Traditional and antiquated rapid fire devices can now be laid to rest.

What makes the Wolf different from the others Rapid Fire mods already on the market?

The Wolf is Bluetooth enabled – which allows you to literally "log-in" into your XBOX/PS3 controller from your PC/Android Device to program and access its additional features. You will require a Bluetooth enabled PC or Android Device, if want to use the Wolf to its full potential. Logging into a Wolf Controller wirelessly via your PC is pretty cool - you can even give the Wolf its own name.

"The Wolf is not a simple PIC chip design, it is powered by an ARM Micro-controller and a high tech FPGA chip..."

The Wolf is not a simple PIC chip design. The innovative and flexible Wolf platform is powered by an ARM Microcontroller and secure FPGA chip - both of which are fully upgradeable over Bluetooth - making it, dare we say, future proof. Additional features can be added via software updates- unlike other mods requiring new hardware to add a new feature, or support a new game.

The Wolf has control over 17 buttons (All the buttons one might press on the controller) - so you are in no way limited to adding macros to the main buttons. This is pretty handy, since you can store macros on buttons that are not used in the game enabling the addition of custom buttons to the game play.

Buttons available on The Wolf (XB360):
A, X, Y ,B, RT, LT, RB, LB, Start, Guide, Back ,L-DPad, R-DPad, Up-DPad, Down-DPad, R-Thumb and L-Thumb.

Most other mods, only allow access to less than 10 buttons.

"Traditionally, 10 or less buttons are programmable on Rapid Fire Mods – Wolf allows all 17 buttons to be programmed!”

Easy, drag and drop macro creation. Using Wolf Labs software, you drag and drop buttons into the macro timeline, set how long before next button is pressed or even how long the button is held down for. Add all 17 buttons in one macro if you want and create crazy long macros - lasting minutes, or one that lasts a fraction of a second. Move button presses up and down the timeline, let them cross over each other or follow in a logical manner, the choice is yours.

Upload your own macros to your Wolf, or save it for later, pass it to a friend, download macros from the net (our website or forums) - as new games are released, or a new idea for a macro envisaged - you can update to include on the Wolf virtually instantaneously.

With most other Rapid Fire, functionality is hard-coded with a limited predefined selection of macros, which can't be changed. A new version of their hardware is sold for a new feature or new macro.

Record macros, live, in the game you are playing. Hit record on the software, and all button presses are recorded and a macro is built automatically for you - you can then edit the resulting macro, fine tune it - save it, upload it to the controller, pass it to a friend!

"Create your own instant macros - just hit record and all your button presses are recorded, for future playback or editing!”

The normal way to swap macros, mid-game, is to press a pre-set combination of buttons to swap to the next macro - i.e. when you change gun selection in a game, you may want to change the right of fire. This has a natural button conflict if the buttons used to swap macros are used as part of normal gameplay. The Wolf solves this problem, by allowing you to configure how macro swapping is executed. You can even load and save the profile, enabling different combinations for each game you play (maximum flexibility of macro swapping is ensured with Wolf’s additional functionality, explained further below).

Remember, in addition to the PC software (Wolf Labs), we will be supplying an Android version of the software, syncing the Wolf to your phone or tablet!

Android support, making Wolf THE next generation Rapid Fire mod is not the only feature which makes it deserving of its title. We didn’t stop there, simply by adding Android support…..

Read on for further mind blowing features.

Wolf Pack Mode

"Use up to four Wolf Controllers on a single player game – get your friend to watch your back!"

Wolves like to hunt in packs and the Wolf controller is no exception! Using the PC/Android as a pass-thru, you can add/link up to three more Wolf controllers to expand your pack. What does this mean? Put simply, take any single player game, and enter Wolf Pack mode with one, two or three additional Wolf Controllers adding them to your pack. Now the primary Wolf becomes the Alpha Wolf, and all other controllers are members of the pack and all four controllers can play in the single player game at the same time!

This is a crazy mode. Imagine someone running about, someone else doing the shooting, one jumping, knifing etc. This has to be been seen to be believed, a unique function of the Wolf - and adds a new "mode" to all games!

Train Your Wolf Mode

The amazing ability of being able to train your Wolf Controller, to accept voice commands, and follow your instructions!

"Voice Mode - Speak and the Wolf will obey!"

Yes, you did read that correctly, your Wolf can be voice activated - using your PC and compatible software (we recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking software). Imagine being able to say "reload" and your Wolf in turn presses the reload button for you or "get down" and your Wolf makes your character lie down (or possibly jump up and start dancing to disco music?). The Wolf is not limited to one action per voice command - it can remember complex moves, which it you can configure, and then dictate your command set - so you can enable different command sets for different games!

Navigate around your console, with commands like "left", "right", "press A" etc.. Even swap macros, mid game, with a voice command - no button presses, assign the word(s) you want and tell the Wolf to swap macros!

Live Mode

"It’s just a step to the left, and then a step to the right – Lets do the Time warp again- step back in time, and use your keyboard to play!"

There are loads of the old classic games on both the PS3/XB360 market places, to download. Wouldn't it be cool if you could play these with your PC Keyboard or Android device? Now you can - with The Wolf. Assign keyboard buttons to buttons on the controller - i.e. Z for left, X for right and space for jump, enter for fire - does that bring back memories of the ZX/C64 days?! You can even use your mouse to click buttons on the controller!


Below each Thumb stick, is a set of nice super bright, blue LEDs - these are user configurable, to your preference - on/off/flashing. Make your own light display.
(The thumb sticks on the Wolf are semi-transparent)

Future Plans

Coming Soon - Reload pedal, a physical pedal (like in a car), which when pressed with your foot during game play allows you to reload your gun (or any other action you want to assign to it).

Android Driver - use your Wolf to play games on your Android device.